Not gonna lie about it: when Taco Bell took the only things on their menu that I would eat, off of the menu, I was angry. So were millions of other American when they revamped their menu back in July.

Good news: after months of Taco Bell enthusiasts protesting to add specific menu items back into the mix, many are getting their wish.

Starting March 11 at area Taco Bell locations, you will once again be able to get the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and the Spicy Potato Soft Taco, the chain announced on Thursday. They were cut originally to simplify the menu during the pandemic.

"We definitely heard from our consumers — because they love our potatoes," Taco Bell's global chief food innovation officer Liz Matthews told Insider.

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Taco Bell also announced on Thursday that it is teaming up with Beyond Meat to develop a new plant-based protein, the chain's first foray into plant-based "meat." The Taco Bell-Beyond Meat collaboration will be tested in the next year.

While potatoes are returning to the menu, Matthews said that Taco Bell will work to balance a leaner menu with customers' demands.

"All of the new ways that we have learned to stay together, and develop, and create, and dream, and build big ideas has not stopped," Matthews said. "So, I think what you're going to see over the next 24 months is all of that work will come to light."

According to Matthews. we'll be seeing some new items this year at Taco Bell chains in the Utica/Rome area that will be around for a limited time. We'll see those plant-based options from the Beyond Meat collaboration, new chicken-centric menu items, and the return of some beloved items that had been removed from the menu.

I just want the Mini Shredded Chicken Quesadillas and the Shredded Chicken Burrito back, please. Taco Bell, can you make that happen for this small town radio DJ?

You'll be able to get your potatoes at the following Central New York locations:

  • 400 Oriskany Blvd, Yorkville
  • 136 N Genesee St, Utica
  • 1164 Erie Blvd W, Rome
  • 200 S Caroline St, Herkimer
  • 1038 Glenwood Ave, Oneida



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