Tagless, a store in Herkimer, New York that hands out high-quality, stylish clothing for free, is in danger of closing.

"As much as I hate to say it, we're contemplating closing down the shop," says owner James Weiderman.

Tagless has dressed people for success, helping them land new jobs. It's helped kids get ready for back to school. It's made people just feel better about themselves. Weiderman would love to continue the mission but he can't do it alone. "The burden of carrying all this weight alone is becoming overwhelming."

Weiderman has hoped the generosity would spark the same in others, but he said it hasn't happened. "To date, our family has spent over $7000 of our own money to open and maintain the shop. We've reached out to numerous local and national businesses, organizations and corporations about donating and/or sponsoring, but have received exactly zero help. We had a pledge of $3000 in May, but have yet to see it. Our GoFundMe fundraisers raise about $250 a month on average, which is appreciated, but just not enough, especially when you're distributing over 2000 pieces of clothing a month."

As if the financial stress wasn't enough, Weiderman says it's taking a physical toll on his family too. "Running a shop on top of running a business full-time, and taking care of 6 kids isn't easy. The icing on the cake, we have had no air conditioning all summer, and get the runaround from our landlord."

Weiderman grew up impoverished and understands the difference the right clothing can have. He opened Tagless in May with a goal to help disadvantaged youth build confidence in themselves, from the outside in. But it may be short-lived. "If something doesn't change, quickly, we will finish up Back to School, and have to wrap up the project."

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