Black Bear Spotted At Oswego State University Campus
It seems as though the black bear was right near the main entrance of Oswego State University. Let's hope they can get the bear safely off the college campus and back into a proper setting.
Here are some tips provided by the DEC to deter human and bear interactions that are dangerous for all inv…
Bear Tears Apart Car in the Adirondacks
Bears can not only be resourceful but destructive. Frank and Lexi Smith of Lee Center, New York found out the hard way when a bear broke into their car and tore it apart in the Adirondacks.
Black Bear Gnaws Woman's Kayak in Alaska
The best thing to do when a bear wants to gnaw on your kayak, is to let it. This woman tried everything to get a black bear in Alaska to stop destroying her kayak, but nothing worked. She even tried yelling and screaming at the bear. This video is hilarious...

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