Video Proves Bears Don't Just Wander Through Camps At Night
This summer we have posted several articles, and videos to our website that show black bears in the Adirondacks are in no way shy. Whether it be day, or night these large animals never hesitate to make their presence known. After all, it is THEIR home. This most recent video, taken by Utica native M…
Unlikely Hero [VIDEO]
A bear at the Budapest Zoo was the unlikely rescuer of a bird in trouble. The bird was drowning and the bear pulled it to safety. Hardly what you'd expect from a bear, right?
Zoo Harmonica [VIDEO]
When I was a kid, my brother got a harmonica for his birthday and spent hours playing it over and over. Have you ever seen a bear attempting to play a harmonica? This sloth bear at the Smithsonian Zoo sounds pretty good on the harmonica. Remember bear, practice makes perfect.
Even Bears Need R&R
A nice spring day is a good time to swing in a hammock and take it easy. Even close your eyes for a little nap. But what if the hammock in your backyard is already being used by a black bear?  A bear who can't seem to resist enjoying some rest and relaxation  in this Daytona Beach bac…