Celebrities Buried in New York
There were many famous people throughout history to be born in Upstate New York, but did you know there are also many buried here as well? We have actors, writers, and musicians whose final resting place is a short drive away. If you love the historical element of cemeteries, then you'll love t…
New York’s Top 5 Causes For Death
Death is a part of life. We all are destined to have it happen at some point. Across the country, the cause of deaths are very similar  for most states, but many states have their own peculiar hard cases. What are the top ways people experience death in New York?
Birthmarks: How Did You Die in a Past Life?
Whether you have birthmarks or not, an old legend shares the story of what those marks could possibly mean.
Do you have oddly shaped birthmarks? Or are they in the most random spots? Well, an old tale states that birthmarks are actually scars from a past life...

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