28-Year-Old Hubbardsville Native Killed By Drunk Driver
28-year-old Kelli Putnam is a native of Hubbardsville, NY. She was living in Charlotte, NC and her and her boyfriend had just attended the Carolina Panthers playoff game on Sunday, when tragedy struck. As they were walking down the street, Kelli was hit and killed by a drunk driver.
Girlfriend of Oneida Teen Killed in Crash Wants Justice
Amanda Pawlikowski, the girlfriend of Kane Buss who was killed by an alleged drunk driver in January, wants justice after Leonard Glowacki pled not guilty. She's encouraging everyone to write a letter to the judge in the case. "He needs to know what this man took away from the Oneida/VVS commun…
Katy Perry 'Prism' Promo Truck Hit by Drunk Driver
Katy Perry's 'Prism' promo truck -last seen at Graceland- was involved in an accident today (Aug. 9). The gold truck, which has been traveling cross-country to promote the singer's upcoming album, out Oct. 22, was hit by a drunk driver. Well, that's one way to spoil the prom…