eBay Rolls Out Same-Day Delivery Service
If there’s one downside to internet shopping, it’s that you don’t get the immediate gratification of having an item in your hands the moment you buy it.
But if eBay has its way, you could at least get some of your shiny new purchases within a few hours.
Zombie Apocalypse Spreads to Chicken McNuggets
It appears that all of the zombie stories we’ve been hearing over the past month or so are now branching out from humans. The apocalypse has spread to food… McDonald’s in particular. Not that we’re totally surprised. And of course, like a water-…
New York State Opens Ebay Store – The Best Deals We’ve Found
New York State opened their new EBay store today. NYSStore.com is the new central location where the state government will be selling surplus property. We scoured the store for you to find the most interesting items and best deals. There are literally hundreds of vehicles for sale, each starting …
Men Doing More Online Shopping Than Ever Before
Do you do a lot of online shopping? I tend to buy things from Amazon and Ebay like it’s nobody’s business! I guess I’m not the only one because according to a new Australian survey, more and more guys are shopping online and the average value of online…