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Lindsay Lohan Finally Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
By now, it seems that every celebrity under the sun has taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge -- even your favorite Marvel stars -- but there is still a handful of big names who have yet to take the plunge. One obvious choice? Lindsay Lohan, who seems to have so far slipped through the cracks. Well, at…
Enjoy The Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL Compilation [VIDEO]
Approximately 1.3 million Ice Bucket Challenge videos have been posted on YouTube since August 1st, 2014 and ALS has received over $13.3 million in donations since July 29th. That is a remarkable increase compared to the $1.7 million received during the same period last year. Although, not all of th…
Ice Bucket Challenges in Utica
One of the hottest trends on social media is taking the Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge raises awareness and funds for the ALS Foundation. So far, the ALS Foundation has raised $1.35 million with Ice Bucket Challenge donations.