The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has its own brand of Christmas magic, transformed into the gorgeous city centerpiece we all deserve in 2020.

The 75-foot Norway spruce was widely celebrated when it was selected as the Rockefeller tree from it's home in Oneonta. Media covered its preparation as branches were individually wrapped, the tree bound, cut down, and lowered onto a flat bed truck. The tree then got a police escort as it made the hours-long journey to New York City.

88th Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images
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That's where things started to go wrong for the most famous tree in America. When the tree was unloaded and erected in New York, people began smack-talking the tree's appearance - comparing it to a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and describing it as a symbol of 2020.

Not unlike Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, who made the transformation from bullied to star of the show, the tree has had its own 'glow-up' - going from scraggly-looking to spectacular.

The 88th Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be lit and on display starting Thursday, December 3, through early January 2021 from 6 am to 12 am daily. The tree will is lit with 5,000 LED lights, strung with 5 miles of wire, and topped with a 900-pound Swarovski star.

The tree is here to teach us an important lesson: even in 2020, the spirit and magic of Christmas can't be diminished. And be careful who you pick on, they could turn out to be more amazing than you ever expected.

If you want to see the tree in-person this year, you'll have to get tickets, and follow several new precautions in place.

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