Think you have what it takes? Well, you do and once you complete it you'll have some pretty unforgettable memories.

Have you heard of all of the wonderful fire towers that sit in the Catskill Mountains? These towers are exactly what they are named, towers to spot fires. Cell phone technology has taken its place in many instances as the 21st-century rolls on, but to climb them and stare above the trees is a breathtaking experience.

The Catskills are one of New York States' most beautiful areas. You can see that beauty from hundreds of feet off of the soil when you climb all six of them taking on the Fire Tower Challenge. This challenge has become an annual tradition for many throughout the Empire State and easily could be something you can as well.

"Since 2019, the Catskills Fire Tower Challenge has introduced thousands of New Yorkers to the unparalleled experience of viewing the natural wonders of the Catskill Mountains from one of the park's historic fire towers," said Commissioner Basil Seggos/NYS DEC


So, what do you have to do?

That part actually isn't really all that complicated, difficult, or despite the name, challenging. You just have to hike to the fire towers, climb them and track your progress. Take some pictures too, you're going to want to anyway, but you'll need one to enter the competition. Once you have completed the challenge between January 1st and December 31st, 2022, just make sure you send your log and favorite picture to or you can mail it in too.

"To introduce even more New Yorkers and visitors to this awe-inspiring experience, we are announcing the 2022 Catskills Fire Tower Challenge. The Fire Tower Challenge is a great way to keep the history and traditions of our Catskills fire towers alive for future generations to appreciate and enjoy." - said Commissioner Basil Seggos/NYS DEC

Looking to find out a little more and where all of the towers are located? Click here for full details and happy sightseeing.

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