It's not surprising that many celebrities  are not big fans of the paparazzi.   Some stars have gotten in screaming matches with the paparazzi or ended up in a car accident trying to escape the paparazzi.   One celebrity is taking a stand against having her picture taken.  Actress, singer and songwriter Cheryl Cole wants the press, and anyone else who wants to snap her picture, that if you try to take her picture, you're going to be in trouble with the law. 

According to The Daily Star, Cheryl has gotten a court injuction which prevents her picture from being taken at her house or on the street for the rest of the year.  The injuction states, "Any person who knows of this order and disobeys this order will be in contempt of court and faces inprisonment, fined and have their assets seized."   Do you feel sorry for celebrities who are hounded by the paparazzi or is that the price you pay for being famous?

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