California is introducing a bill to get rid of sales tax on pads and tampons. If you think about it though, we shouldn't have to pay for these products in the first place.

Every month, Mother Nature reminds us of all the joys of being a woman - including the cramping, mood swings, fatigue, and of course the bleeding. This isn't something we can help, it's just part of being a woman.

On that same note, why do we have to pay for being a woman - Or should we say, pay more for being a woman. Shouldn't things like tampons and pads be considered a 'needed' item like food, water, or medicine? Especially considering the fact that a lot of places give out free condoms to stop unprotected sex. Is sex really more of a necessity than women just taking care of themselves?

Tampons Chilling on a Desk
Naomi Lynn/TSM

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