If you're trying to quit smoking, you know you'll try just about anything to break the habit. Well, here are some foods that will make you NOT want that cigarette.

Smoking is one of the hardest habits to break. But if you can make small changes to your routine and somehow make those cigarettes unpleasant to smoke, you'll have a greater chance of succeeding. Cheat Sheet - Health and Fitness has some great ideas to help with quitting smoking.

Get Rid of That Morning Coffee

Something about a cup of coffee and a cigarette just go hand-in-hand. Instead of drinking coffee, try drinking tea or orange juice. Both of those leave a different taste in your mouth that doesn't go with cigarettes, and it changes your routine. Making small changes to your normal everyday activities helps train your brain NOT to have a cigarette at certain times.

Chewing Gum and Hard Candy

If you're trying to quit, you've probably heard this one before. It's all about the oral fixation - Keep your mouth busy with suckers, gum, hard candy, taffy, or anything like that. Some people will chew on toothpicks or even cinnamon sticks (because they have more weight, and feel more like a cigarette). Find what works best for you.

Dairy Products

This one is an interesting one that makes a lot of sense. After eating certain foods a cigarette seems satisfying, but other foods (especially those that 'coat' your mouth), will make a cigarette taste even worse and help you not want it. According to Cheat Sheet - Health and Fitness,

...Nineteen percent of smokers studied said consuming dairy products like milk or cheese made cigarettes less palatable, while alcohol, coffee, and meat made them taste better.

 Healthy Foods

Another one from Cheat Sheet - Health and Fitness suggested eating more fruits and veggies. For some smokers, healthy foods made cigarettes unpleasant and also helped them from wanting cigarettes as frequently.


If you're trying to quit smoking know that it's a tough battle, but it is doable. Keep trying, keep fighting, and never stop quitting. Good Luck!




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