Taylor Momsen, frontwoman of the Pretty Reckless, is watching ‘True Blood’ every week and writing recaps of each episode exclusively for PopCrush. Below is the ‘Heaven Knows’ singer’s reaction to the latest episode of the final season of ‘True Blood.’ Stay tuned to PopCrush for more ‘True Blood’ guest columns from Taylor!

Episode 5 begins with Eric commanding Willa to provide him with any information she may have regarding Sarah Newlin. She does, but he must set her free from his reign — a bittersweet moment since he is her maker, but he also did abandon her when she was a baby vamp. Pam and Eric decide to leave, which makes Ginger freak out, begging Eric to sleep with her before he leaves. When he doesn’t, Ginger becomes hysterical.

Back in Bon Temp, Sookie returns home to a very empty house, and the huge reminder that Alcide is really gone. Thankfully, though, Lafayette is able to provide some comfort to Sookie and encourages her to get some much needed rest. She awakens and finds Alcide’s dad is there to pick up some of his personal belongings. Naturally, Lafayette thinks of the best way to cheer up Sookie — with a grand old-fashioned party to celebrate all the life and positivity that still surrounds them.

Eric and Pam arrive at Amber Mills’ home in Texas. She is also infected with Hep V. Thankfully, Amber hates her sister as much as Pam and Eric do, and helps them plan an ambush at a local political rally.

At Sookie’s party, Bill keeps having flashbacks to his life before becoming a vampire. Lady Mae shows up at the party and her eulogy, though sweet and emotional, inevitably leads to her downfall where she freakishly stabs Willa because she is craving her blood.

Sheriff Andy finally works up the courage to propose to Holly, strangely after he and Jessica come to terms with the fact that she killed his kids. The proposal, however, is adorable and dorky — just like Sheriff Andy is. Lafayette and James have a sincerely intimate moment, which leads to them hooking up and Jessica inevitably catching them — very uncomfortable. Naturally, Jess freaks out, but as soon as Lafayette brings up the fact that she probably doesn’t even love James, things kind of settle down. By settle down, I really mean that Jason and Jessica hook up for old times’ sake.

Back in Texas — Pam and Eric are about to begin hunting for Sarah Newlin, who is conveniently able to locate her mom in the bathroom. Shit hits the fan though because Yakuza storms the party. (Ironically, they want Sarah Newlin dead as well.)

Episode 5 ends with Bill having another flashback to his pre-vamp life and sharing an intimate moment with his wife. Then the saddest realization occurs … BILL IS INFECTED WITH HEP V.

The question is … Who will die first? Bill or Eric? At this rate either of them dying will be extremely tragic.

Until next week…

– Taylor Momsen

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