Looking for new digs?  Taylor Swift has put one of her Nashville homes on the market.  She's also getting ready for the release of her new perfume this fall.

Swift's Elizabeth Arden fragrance, which  comes out this October,  is called "Wonderstruck."  If the name sounds familiar, that's because it's a line from the song "Enchanted" on Swift's "Speak Now" cd.  Swift says the song is about meeting someone for the first time and being wonderstruck.  She thinks it's the perfect fit for her perfume because fragrance can also influence someone's first impression of you.  As for that Nashville home she's put on the market, the asking price is $1.45 million.  She bought the home for her parent's less than a year ago and is asking $50,000 more for it than she originally paid.  The 5000 square foot home has four bedrooms, several gardens, four bathrooms, an outdoor fireplace and a water fountain.