What’s more fun than a circus-themed birthday party? A circus-themed birthday party for ‘Glee‘ cutie Dianna Agron attended by Taylor Swift, that’s what.

On April 29, Swift tweeted a pair of adorable photos from Agron’s party, posting: “The most magical night at @DiannaAgron’s circus themed birthday party!”

Swift is an adorable tigress in the shot, complete with tiger nose and stripes. She is tigress, hear her roar. Rawr! Swift’s love of felines is well-documented and it’s cute to see her transform into her favorite animal!

Agron looks like a gorgeous flapper with her pink hair accessories. All the ladies in the shot are lovely and having a good time. We’re sorry we missed it!

According to Ace Showbiz, the party took place on Saturday, April 28. Agron turns 26 today (April 30), but there is nothing wrong with celebrating a few days early and in the company of her equally famous and beautiful friends.

It has been a busy few days of birthday fetes, as Swift and her pal Agron enjoyed another birthday celebration this month. A few days ago, they shared photos from a dinner in honor of actress Shirley MacLaine, who just turned 78.