Dianna Agron isn’t unlike her ‘Glee‘ character Quinn Fabray — she drives boys crazy! Although the 25-year-old has been linked to ‘Gossip Girl’ star Sebastian Stan, it seems NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is “smitten” with the blonde.

According to Page Six, the religious QB recently professed his feelings for Agron. “Tim has made no secret that he likes Dianna,” a source says. “But she has remained faithful to [boyfriend Sebastian Stan.]”

Agron and Tebow reportedly first met at an Oscars party last month, and since the ‘Glee’ actress is rumored to have split with Stan for the second time, she could be on the market.

However, if Tebow really wants to win Agron’s heart, we have some advice. First, don’t go yapping to the press about your love life. This Georgia native can’t stand that. Second, show off your creative and sensitive sides. Agron recently launched her “arts-based” site You Me & Charlie, and has been vocal about her support of gay and human rights.

Of course, the new Jets team member is going to have to be a music fan. Not only does Agron sing popular hits on ‘Glee,’ but she’s also a huge fan of everyone from Adele to Led Zepplin to The Black Keys. You better get that epic mix tape together, Tebow!

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