One of our favorite things about Taylor Swift is that she can 'Shake It Off' -- meaning, she can have a totally kickass time dancing her face off at awards shows and literally not give any kind of notice to the haters. And yes, this seems to include Pharrell.

At the 2015 Grammy Awards tonight (Feb. 8), Taylor was caught on camera bustin' some serious moves in her seat, having a freaking blast with her longtime bestie, Abigail. You know, the usual. However, thanks to the magic of Vine, we can now see that Pharrell seems to be throwing some major shade -- and some serious side-eye -- at T. Swift, looking just a little too stern and serious for something as fun as the Grammys.

Whether or not the 'Happy' singer was actually pissed at Taylor's dance moves (see for yourself in the Vine below), one thing's for sure: The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, but Taylor Swift's just gonna shake it off.

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