- After debuting her new song ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ last night, Taylor Swift has released the corresponding lyric video. A cute little diddy, the video looks like third grade diorama project. [VEVO]

- Darn you, 3OH!3! Such the teases. They dropped not one, but two teasers for their upcoming video for ‘You’re Gonna Love This.’ [YouTube - Teaser 1 + Teaser 2]

- Happy birthday to Sammy Adams! To celebrate, the rapper released a mixtape titled, ‘OkCool, Pre-Album 2.0.’ This mixtape was recorded earlier this summer while Adams was in the studio working on his debut full-length non-pre-album. [HulkShare]

- Lauryn, why?! We love Lauryn Hill, which is why it pains us to see her mugshot surface amongst her tax-evasion drama. [That Grape Juice]

- One of the great YouTube channels on the Internet, Bad Lip Reading, has lent their talents to Coldplay’s song and video for ‘In My Place.’ The new version, titled ‘Yeti,’ boasts hilarious gems like, “You ate my plants/ While I’d juggle you’d dance/ And I’d braid clowns all day.” [YouTube]

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