A man already under investigation, charged with unlawful surveillance, has been arrested again, this time by the New York State Police.

Troopers in Herkimer say 57-year-old Patrick F. Morgan of Frankfort, New York was taken into custody on Monday, March 28, 2022 and charged with eleven counts of Unlawful Surveillance (a Class E felony) and one count of Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, a Class A misdemeanor.

Sand Creek Middle School (image capture August 2019) via Google Maps (March 2022)
Sand Creek Middle School (image capture August 2019) via Google Maps (March 2022)

On February 14, 2022 Morgan, a teacher at Sand Creek Middle School for 28 years who most recently taught fifth grade, was arrested by police in Colonie after he was accused of placing a hidden camera in a co-educational faculty bathroom at the school, located in South Colonie.

Photo credit: Colonie Police Department
Patrick F. Morgan   Photo credit: Colonie Police Department (February 2022)

According to the NYSP, "Subsequent to the investigation [in that case], additional victims in Herkimer County have been developed.  All victims have been notified, and there are no indicating factors that there are any additional victims or charges in the future.  There are no implications to any schools or businesses."

Police say that all of the victims in the case have been identified and wish to remain anonymous at this time.

Morgan was released on his own recognizance pending a future court appearance.

[AUTHOR'S NOTE:   This post is for informational purposes and is based largely on information received from the New York State Police.  The reader is reminded that all suspects and arrested persons are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.  At the time of this posting no additional information is available.]

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