During the Winter Olympics opening ceremony next month in Sochi, Team USA  will be sporting opening ceremony uniforms made in America by designer Ralph Lauren. 

Two years ago, the uniforms were mostly made in China, much to the disappointment of many.  This year, the Ralph Lauren uniforms are made here in America, using wool from Oregon that was spun in North Carolina and Pennsylvania and then knit in California.

According to USA Today, more than forty domestic partners helped to make the uniforms, which the Ralph Lauren company says was "a lot more complicated than people imagine."  The price for Team USA gear is also higher too.

For instance, a belt costs $75, $245 for a cream t-neck and $598 for the sweater Team USA will be wearing for the Opening Ceremony next month in Sochi.

See the complete collection at TeamUSAShop.org.

Does it matter to where their uniforms are made?  I think it's great they're made in America.