An Upstate New York restaurant has more than spirits for your glass. There's a ghost hanging out with the customers for a haunting dining experience.

The owner of Telly's Inn in Cape Vincent, New York Fran Letizia, and his wife Jenny have always believed the restaurant was home to a ghost. "I’ve had multiple people see her and sense her," said Jenny.

Credit - Telly's Inn
Credit - Telly's Inn

Gina the Ghost

One of those people was a physic medium who stayed in the attached motel. "She asked if the place was haunted because she could feel a spirit," Jenny said. "She told us her name is Eugena, or Gina for short, a little Italian lady that speaks broken English."

Gina has been known to open and close doors, turn lights on and off, shake bottles enough to have them fall off the bar shelf, and even make time speed up. "One of our sous chefs saw her walk across the doorway one night after hours as he was sitting at the bar," Jenny explained. "A bartender called me to the bar one night because the clock kept spinning."

Strange Orb

Children and animals are rumored to be able to see ghosts and that may be true. One night Jenny said her dogs were barking in the apartment next to the restaurant so they checked the security cameras. What they found was a strange orb floating in the air.

Watch the video to see the strange orb to judge for yourself.

Good Ghost

Jenny and her husband Fran believe Gina doesn't mean any harm. They feel she's there to protect them. "She locked me out, shut all the gas off in the kitchen last year, and opened the windows due to a gas leak we had."

She may also be there to warn off bad vibes. "She arises when she doesn’t care for someone," joked Jenny.

Do you believe in spirits? You may be able to explain the strange orb. It could be some sort of bug just catching the light. It could even be dust floating in the air. But the spinning clock at the end of the above video is a little harder to ignore.

If you're planning a trip to Cape Vincent, New York, and you believe in ghosts, you may want to make a stop at Telly's Inn where you could have a spirit with your meal.

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