May is a big month for college graduations.  So many parents will be breathing a sigh of relief that they won't have to write out those hefty tuition checks any more.   On the flip side, so many graduates will be groaning when they start getting their student loan bills.   Did they pick a good major that pays  big bucks or are they going to be struggling to make ends meet?  I came across a list in "Newsweek" of ten majors that don't pay well. 

"Newsweek"  got this info from their sister website, the They determined the list based on career salary levels and the number of  jobs available.  Okay graduates, are you ready to see if your major doesn't pay well?

1.  Journalism

2.  Horticulture

3.  Agriculture

4.  Advertising

5.  Fashion design

6.  Child and family studies

7.  Music

8.  Mechanical engineering technology

9.  Chemistry

10.  Nutrition

Guess what my college major was?  The worst paying one the list!  But at least I'm having fun while I count my pennies.