Looking for a job?  The goal is to stand out from the crowd and have a resume that helps land that job.  Might want to give your resume another once over and see if you're using one or more of the ten words that are best to avoid since everybody else is using them too.


These ten overused resume words come from LinkedIn, which looked at its members profiles to see what words are used again and again to describe themselves and their job skills.

1.  creative

2.  organizational

3.  effective

4.  extensive experience

5.  track record

6.  motivated

7.  innovative

8.  problem solving

9.  communication skills

10.  dynamic

Job competition can be tough, so try to avoid those ten words and use words that make your resume stand out, not blend in with the crowd.  Describe what you've done with solid examples that demonstrate your skills and your achievements.  Hope you get that dream job!