Watching Dave jump onto a Velcro wall wearing a Velcro suit.  Rupert G from the Hello Deli selling Dave's t-shirts. Seeing my friends The Goo Goo Dolls dive into a giant bowl of eggnog one Christmas season. The Top Ten lists; Stupid Human Tricks, Dave flipping his pencil, Paul Shaffer and the band...these are some of the things I'll miss when Late Night with David Letterman goes off the air in 2015.

David Letterman made his debut on NBC in 1982 as host of "Late Night" and I've been watching ever since. With his Top Ten lists, Stupid Pet Tricks, and his tossing things from the roof top, his show has brought many Americans many laughs over the years. I still can't believe Dave was passed over to succeed his mentor Johnny Carson as the host of "The Tonight Show" in 1993. It was nice to see them move to CBS so we could still enjoy his unique brand of humor. Hey, do you remember when Drew Barrymore got a little frisky with Dave? Cue in to 4:25 to get right to it.

Or how about when Madonna had to be bleeped over and over again.

I'm sending this story to the staff of the show, hoping they'll be so empathic that they'll send me tickets for one of his final performances. After all, I did stand outside of the Ed Sullivan theater once only to become an alternate guest that just missed entrance. I've emailed twice requesting to be part of Dave's skit, 'May We See Your Photos Please." Being a radio personality I've gathered many pictures of me with celebrities that I'd love to share with Dave.  Maybe?

Finally, I've written a top 5 list (only 5 because Top 10 may be copyrighted) of the things I'd ask Dave...If I had the chance.

5) Are they called Stupid Human Tricks and Stupid Pet Tricks because the humans and pets are stupid, or the tricks?

4) Would you like to see my photos...please?

3) Toupee or not toupee, who cuts your hair?

2) Would you like me to DJ your wedding reception with Paul?

1) What show will you be watching at 11:30 or will you be sound asleep?

Thanks for the memories Dave.