You know the five second rule right?  The one that says it's okay to eat food off the floor if you pick it up within five seconds.  Well, UK researches say the five second rule is true.

According to, UK researchers found some scientific truth in the five second rule. They tested the theory by dropping food onto floors covered with all sorts of bacteria.  The longer you wait to eat that fallen food, the more likely bacteria will be on it, especially if it falls on laminate flooring or tile.  Food that falls onto carpeting doesn't pick up bacteria as quickly.

Keep in mind that it's probably best not to eat food once it has fallen on the floor but what probably won't stop most people from doing just that.  As part of the study, they asked people if that eat food that has fallen on the floor and 87% said yes, they do.

Not me.  Once it's on the floor it goes in the garbage.  Do you use the five second rule?