Let's play a game, how many of these 15 arenas have you been inside of?

When it comes to the size of an arena, of course, New York has quite a few big ones. We are one of the bigger states in the United States. Surely, Texas, Florida, California, and maybe a few other states have a larger number of big venues, but they also have their states laid out quite a bit differently than New York.

In New York, as obviously you must know, half of the state lives in a concrete jungle a the southeastern tip of the Empire State. With a bulk of the population there, it isn't shocking to see so many of the top 15 arenas in regards to size living in New York City.

Let's give you a little taste of the list

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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What might shock you is which arena, or stadium, actually is the largest. Not to shock you because of its size, but rather that it isn't in New York City. It is in Buffalo, the largest stadium isn't Yankee Stadium or Citi Field, it's Highmark Stadium, which was the home to the Buffalo Bills beating the New England Patriots quite soundly in the Wild Card Round of the NFL playoffs just weeks ago. Scroll below to see how many people can cram into the Bills home stadium.

Ready to see the list? Keep scrolling down and keep track of how many you've been to, could it be all of them perhaps?

New York's 15 Biggest Arenas

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