After weeks of all the hype, the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards is finally here!

And though we're excited to find out who's going home with a rainbow-dipped moon man, the VMAs is more than just an awards show. It's also the best place for our favorite celebrities to have a little fun with their fashion.

As we've seen in years past, the VMAs have been the place where anything thing goes. From Lil Kim's lavender butterfly pasties to Miley Cyrus' nude latex two-piece, the red carpet has become its own exciting event.

So who do you think will wear the most ridiculous outfit — or wear so little that MTV will need to whip out the black censor box? Taylor Swift and her "Bad Blood" squad have foregone their warrior outfits tonight, going for super chic looks. And of course, we're all dying to find out what outfits Miley Cyrus will whip out for her hosting stint tonight (Aug. 30).

Find out what your favorite celebrities wore in the gallery above!

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