The New York State Dairy Association unveiled the butter sculpture at the Great NYS Fair, and they pay tribute to Olympic athletes.

This year's butter sculpture is called 'Milk life celebrates the success of team USA and the athletes of New York State.' Milk is a proud sponsor of team USA.

Jim Victor and his wife Marie Pelton have been making the butter sculptures for the American Dairy Association since 2003. This year they carved a female basketball player, a male volleyball player, a male swimmer and a female runner representing a variety of Summer Olympic sports. It takes them about 10 - 8 hour days to make the buttery creation.

This "800-pound sculpture will be kept cool in a 38-degree revolving cooler through the 12-day duration of the fair," says

"The butter sculpture is sponsored by the 5,000 dairy farm families across New York state so it's certainly an opportunity to highlight their hard work and all that they do to ensure an ample supply of milk, their contribution to New York state agriculture and to their local communities,” said American Dairy Association Consumer Communications VP Diana Dibble.

You can see the sculpture in the dairy products building during the Great NYS Fair.

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