Next to the audition rounds, my favorite part of the 'American Idol' season is the finale and the duet pairings the Idol producers dream up for the final episodes.  My favorite pairing from Season 10 was Jacob Lusk with gospel sensation Kirk Franklin.  Watching that performance inspired me to list my top 5 duets from 'American Idol' finales past.

Taylor Hicks and Toni Braxton "In the Ghetto"

Taylor Hicks, the winner of season 5, is still remembered by his pack of fans, the Soul Patrol.  It was fitting that he teamed with R&B Diva Toni Braxton.  They ingited soul dynamite with this performance of "In the Ghetto."  Mac Davis wrote it and Elivs made is a blue-eyed soul classic; Taylor and Toni more than do it justice.  Easily the most soulful duet ever.

Bo Bice with Lynyrd Skynyrd "Sweet Home Alabama"

Season 4 runner up, and Alabama native, Bo Bice teamed with Lynyrd Skynyrd, best remembered for their song about the Heart of Dixie, "Sweet Home Alabama."  This is one of those magical performances when you can easily image Bo Bice was the lead singer of Skynyrd; he fits right in.  It's my pick for the most natural pairing.

General Larry Platt with William Hung "Pants on the Ground"

General Larry Platt was the Season 9 sensation who stole the audition rounds with his "Pants On The Ground" admonisment to young men who walk around with dropped trou.  He teams up with the Butt-of-all-Idol-Jokes, William Hung, for this most unexpected finale duet.

Brooke White and Graham Nash "Teach Your Children"

American Idol hadn't had a contestant who was a throwback to the 70s singer-songwriter style until season 7's Brooke White.  It was only fitting that the AI producers grabbed Graham Nash from the group Crosby Stills and Nash to give the most folksy performance ever.

George Benson with Scott Savol and Nikko Smith "On Broadway"

This is my pick for the best duet from Idol contestants you don't remember,  Season 5's Scott Savol and Nikko Smith.  George Benson is such an amazing talent, he can raise the game for anyone on stage with him.