There is something about seeing a bald eagle, it is a magical feeling. Luckily in Central New York, there is a really good place to spot one.

Of course, when getting a glimpse at a Bald Eagle, there always is a major factor of luck that has to be involved. Now, more than ever you could spot one way more easily though. At one time Bald Eagles, a symbol of our nation, were actually endangered. Call it a comeback, endangered no more. It all happened because as a whole, the United States decided to figure out a way to bring the stunning creature back to glory.

“We should all be proud that we collectively made a responsible decision about the future of this species that Americans care an awful lot about.” - Bryan Watts, Director of Virginia's Center for Conservation Biology

So Where Do They Flock To In Central New York?

Bald Eagle Couple Leaning Together
karen crewe

The answer is Onondaga Lake. According to NY Aubodon, pollution for quite a while kept these serene birds away but at one point 50 Bald Eagles have been seen one time at this location since cleanup. Imagine that, seeing 50 of our nation's bird in one place at any particular time? With that said, it is easy to say, Onondaga Lake is a bit of a hot spot.

When Is The Best Time To Catch A Glimpse?

Winnipesaukee Bald Eagle
Kevin Burke

According to the New York State Department of Conservation, right now. January and February are the key months to spot a Bald Eagle. In fact, they even pinpoint times of the day your chance is better.

  • 7 am to 9 am
  • 4 pm to 5 pm

Have you laid eyes on a Bald Eagle before?

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