Sometimes in the line of duty, you're asked to save a lot more than just people.

The New York State Police received a report of an injured animal in the town of Candor. The caller said a bald eagle was badly hurt on the side of the road after being hit by a car.

Credit - New York State Police
Credit - New York State Police

Trooper Christian Fulkerson was dispatched and quickly responded to the scene. When he got there, he saw the eagle was not in good shape. The person driving the car did stop and wait for the trooper. Trooper Fulkerson knew he had to get the eagle to the hospital quickly.

The injured eagle was loaded up and transported to Cornell's Veterinary Hospital. The doctors did everything they could, but sadly the eagle was too badly injured. They had to move forward with euthanasia.

American bald eagle in flight

The New York State Police would still like to thank the trooper for his quick actions and efforts.

While this story does not have a happy ending, the trooper did everything he could to save this eagle and his efforts should be recognized.

So shout out to you, Trooper Fulkerson, for doing everything you could to save this animal. A special thanks also goes out to the driver for not leaving the eagle to suffer alone. Many people would just leave, but you did the right thing and tried saving the bird.


If you happen to see an animal injured on the roadside or have hit one with your vehicle, please call 911 immediately. First Responders will be there fast to not only help you, but the animal suffering as well.

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