Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner. That means playground season will soon be in full swing across Central New York.  My son Dylan and I decided to give you a rundown of the best playground locations in and around Utica. The list is simply based solely on how long Dylan spent time playing at the mentioned park.

#5 New Hartford Athletic Park

Located in Washington Mills on Oneida Street, this park features a giant children's climbing set surrounded by baseball diamonds and a beautiful bridge over flowing waters.

Dylan only spent one minute and 32 seconds playing there because he was frightened by the lawn mowing. This park is very close to garages housing public service vehicles, distracting you from the enjoyment that the park can provide.


#4 Harry Pinti Field

You'll find Harry Pinti Field hidden off Mohawk Street In Rome, but I'm sure the skateboarding and BMXing kids know exactly where this park is. The bike park is awesome with plenty of space for kids to skate, grind and catch some air! Also the Philip Tosti pool looks refreshing.

Dylan spend just over 4 minutes climbing and then wanted to go home and have dinner.


#3 Thomas R. Proctor Park

The Thomas R. Proctor Park, on Culver Avenue and along Welsh Bush Road features baseball diamonds, pavilions and a huge climbing set...that Dylan loved !
Once Dylan got the feel for the slide we spent six and a half minutes there. Just one downside, the spray paint on the buildings, c'mon kids!

#2 Brazie Park

Brazie park is located in our old neighbor in North Utica. If you take Cosby Road all the way to the top you'll find this cozy little park featuring tennis courts and basketball courts. You can get there off Trenton road as well. Brazie park has a small climbing set that Dylan spent a couple of minutes on.

And then Dylan hoped onto the rocket ship which added five minutes to the time spent at Brazie park putting this one into the #2 position with over seven minutes of fun time!


#1 North Utica Park

This is the park that has made headlines recently because of the $1.67 million recreational project proposed. The project for North Utica park has the support of the mayor and a Pop Warner football team, and my family as we love visiting.

The park project is a response to the need for a football field for the North Utica Pop Warner Raiders football club, which has inadequate facilities at John F. Kennedy Middle School. “There’s really no football or soccer field in the area for the kids,” says lawmakers and my older son Mark.

Well, after an hour of playing, watching baseball and eating at the concession stand, Dylan ranks this park, closest to home, #1.

For more on parks in Central New York, check out this video tour of Utica's downtown green spaces.