With the second season midpoint finale next week, we take a look back at the 5 best scenes from this season of the AMC thriller 'The Walking Dead.'
(Warning - Spoilers ahead if you've yet to see up to the episode first aired Sunday November 20.)

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    Walkers in Church

    The search for Sophia begins in episode one of this season of 'The Walking Dead' after she flees from the group fearing attack from a walker. One of the first places searched for her is an abandoned church where walkers are holding a bizarrely solemn service.

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    The Cherokee Rose

    Daryl as fast become a fan-favorite this season. He's grown to be a deeper character than the sterotypical redneck he's first portrayed as. One of the moments that his humanity truly shines through is in the 'Cherokee Rose' scene with Carol. Distraught over her missing daughter, Carol finds surprising warmth from Daryl as he shares a flower and a story.

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    Shane Betrays Otis

    Message boards, Twitter and the blogosphere in general blew up after the revelation that Shane escaped the school with critical medicine for Carl not by Otis sacrificing himself, but rather being shot in the knee and left for zombie bait by Shane.
    The general consensus was that Shane is a terrible person. I contented this is exactly what a survivor is a post-apocalyptic world needs to do - sacrifice an uncertainally you barely know to save you and yours.

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    A Walker in the Well

    It's a little more than what a Britta filter could handle - the group reveals a zombie in one of the wells on Hershel's property. Due to the 'no-shoot' policy on the farm, they decide to lure the waterlogged walker up to the surface for a proper bludgeoning. The zombie's girth proves too much for the tug-of-war and the dead man is dissected in one of the grosses kills ever on this series that relishes in gruesome kills.

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    Walkers in the Barn

    Turns out Hershel's farm is not the bucolic Little House on the Zombie Prairie it first appears. Glenn stumbles on to a coven of walkers locked away in a barn on the property. We later learn that these zombies are family and neighbors including Hershel's wife and son.