If you were looking for Sweethearts candy this Valentine's Day, good luck. It's not available.

Let's be honest: Sweethearts (those little chalky hearts with cute sayings on them) are the candy corn of Valentine's Day: it's not the candy anyone really wants to eat, it's really more decorative.

Since I'm not making 50 Valentine's for my kids to bring to class this year, I don't really care that the iconic candy isn't available this year. It's not like CHOCOLATE isn't available - that would be a real tragedy.

Last July, the company that made Sweethearts went bankrupt. Yup, NECCO bit the bullet. As a side note, they must have specialized in decorative candy that no one eats - because they also made NECCO wafers which make a great gingerbread house shingle, but taste like a cross between a eucharist and minty chalk.

The company was purchased by the Spangler Candy Company who plan on bringing the Sweethearts back - just not in time for this Valentine's Day.

You'll have to find another unappetizing way to decorate those Valentine's cupcakes.

FYI Spangler also makes the Circus Peanuts - another candy that masquerades as something that tastes good. I know one person who actually eats those - and I worry about him.

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