Dearest Reader,

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good mystery.  All the better if it’s a Great one. There has been a buzzing about the Utica Townsquare Media offices since Dave’s previous co-host left for other endeavors. Word on the Utica boulevards is that Lite 98.7 is getting a new morning show. How divine!

But that, dear reader, is not the juicy mystery I was speaking of

--Before we get to that, I’ll address the diamond tiara in the room. Who am I you ask? I can assure you that you do not know me, but you may call me Lady Lytenup (pronounced lit-ten-oop). Prayerfully if you are not yet a fan of the Bridgerton series on Netflix, you’ll make haste and get that way in the coming weeks. Not only because it’s a brilliant, binge-worthy series, but also because in a mere matter of months, the delectably fresh twist on period dramas will be welcoming a new spinoff to the Bridgerton franchise—

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

In the meantime, there is quite a juicy mystery unfolding in Utica. It has been happening right under our noses --on weekdays-- in the wee morning hours on Lite 98.7. A woman’s voice I have nay heard on the air here before. Have you? I heard her laughing in the background. She chimes in with Dave Wheeler about hot topics. According to my sweet buzzing bees, the phones in the Lite studios have been ringing off the hook since the mystery woman arrived. To quote a 1987 Madonna song—Who’s That Girl? I do not yet know. Dave Wheeler has been keeping her identity under wraps. But I can assure you, dearest reader, if anyone can unmask the mystery woman of the forthcoming new Lite morning show—it is I. I’ll share updates in this space.

Yours in Tuning In and Turning Up,

Lady Lytenup

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