Though many stepped up to the line, only one man walked away with the title: Fastest Server in Utica.

Steven Karboski of The Stief and Sicken@624, ran away with the title after several heats of the 'Server Sprint' at the Downtown Getdown in Utica. The rules were simple: servers must carry a tray loaded with two full pint glasses, a can of beer, and a full pitcher of water posing as beer over an approximately quarter mile course. Speed is critical, but servers also got time deducted if they spilled too much from their tray.

The 'Server Sprint' was once a regular part of 'The Good Ol' Summertime' in downtown Utica, but hasn't been seen since that event ended.

Steve had a intense warm up routine that involved a great deal of stretching and frankly, a LOT of chirping at his competitors.

In the end, it came down to Steven and Rachael Baye, representing Delmonico's. While Rachel crossed the finish line in the Championship heat ahead of Steve, penalties for spillage gave Steve the victory. "He didn't spill anything. How does he do it?" asked Rachael when the victor was announced.

His trophy held high, Steve stepped into the annals of history as the latest in a proud string of servers to wear the crown "Fastest Server in Utica".


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