Life changing events.  Moments and events you will never forget.  What would you put in your top five?  Over 2000 adults in the UK were asked to name the events that stand out the most in their memory.   According to the Daily Mail, both men and women named the same events, but the order they placed them in was different. 

These are the five most memorable experiences for women:

1.  First child

2.  Marriage

3.  Leaving home

4.  Buying a home

5.  First job

Most memorable experiences for men:

1.  Marriage

2.  First child

3.  Leaving home

4.  First job

5.  Buying a home

The survey also found most people got their first pet when they were 11, had their first kiss at 14 and their first job at 17.  The most difficult years?  Late teenage years were the top choice and most experienced their first heartbreak by the time they were 20.  Does this list ring true for you too?