Well Central New York, the Giraffe is out of the bag. The Animal Adventure Park, located just outside of Binghamton, is anticipating the arrival of Desmond the Giraffe.

Desmond the Giraffe will soon making his way from the Milwaukee County Zoo, and heading to New York. According to the zoo, he will become a companion giraffe to lifelong resident and soon to be four year old Tajiri the Giraffe.

Milwaukee County Zoo and Animal Adventure began discussions in February of this year, identifying appropriate placement and pairing of the young bachelors, in what is a relatively natural transition away from their mother's to a nomadic bachelor lifestyle, which does often begin with bachelor towers being formed until full maturity.

Animal Adventure will share about Desmond and the future plans for their giraffe program after Desmond's arrival and routine quarantine period and veterinary checks.

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the park broke the news at our beloved April the giraffe has died by euthanasia due to debilitating arthritis, she was 20 years old. Over the past year see had state-of-the-art care and made her as comfortable as possible. Animal Adventure Perk has released a statement, here is a small portion:

April’s most recent veterinary exam identified the acceleration of April’s condition, prompting the determination that euthanasia was the humane and appropriate course of action. Following the euthanasia, her body was escorted to the Cornell University Veterinary School by the Patch family, where a necropsy will be completed. She will then be cremated, and her ashes will be returned to Animal Adventure Park. To gain a deeper understanding of April’s condition and this decision, please review the following details from her veterinary team and caretakers.

You can read more here.

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