Today is a great weather day in Central New York. But November 11 was experienced very differently in 1911. It was one of the wildest weather days the United States has ever seen. It’s gone down in history as the Great Blue Norther.

The Great Blue Norther was a storm that hit on November 11, 1911. (Numerologists note that’s 11/11/11! Wow!)
It struck the American Midwest and went down in history as one of the wildest weather days ever as several cities set both record high AND low temperatures in the same day!
An extremely strong storm system pushed arctic air behind a very warm front. In Springfield, Missouri the temperature dropped 40 degrees in just 2 hours from 80 to 40. The most dramatic temperature change occurred in Oklahoma City which saw a 66 degree temperature drop that day going from a high of 83 to a low of 17!

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