Has someone ever told you you're crazy for the way you do things in the kitchen? That's pretty much what has stirred up the latest twitter-battle.

There's always something to argue about on social media, right?!

Just a few years ago it was the whole "What Color is the Dress," white and gold or blue and black. Then a few months ago the "Pineapple Debate" began as people fought over whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. Now, social media (especially Twitter) is on to the next thing to argue about...

...And it's all about butter.

Actually, it's more about where the butter belongs.





So now I'm going to drag you into the debate. I say butter belongs in the fridge... If it sits out on the counter (even with one of those covers on it), it gets gross, and I'm not eating that! What about you? Do you leave your butter in the fridge or on the counter? Let's settle this once in for all. Voice your opinion in the poll below:

You can also join the discussion on-air. We'll be talking about the "Great Butter Debate" at 6:40a during your More Music Morning Show on Wednesday.




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