The Hulbert House was built in 1812 in Boonville, NY. Since it was built, Hulbert House has been active as an inn, and was at one time one of the most well-known places to stay in the region. Their registration book holds the signatures of many historic figures- including Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President of the United States.

Hulbert House is also well-known for guests of another type, the spirits of those connected with the site while living. Hulbert House has been investigated by many local paranormal teams, and all have obtained fairly consistent information. Most notably, Hulbert House is scheduled to appear on SyFy's Haunted Collector.

Paranormal activity that has been observed includes a man who is referred to as ‘Wayne’. He appears as a large man in a Civil War uniform. He has appeared in the bar, and is heard walking around the second floor. Children have been heard playing upstairs in the hotel area, and the image of a small girl was captured in a photograph taken during a paranormal investigation.

The Shadow Chasers had an opportunity to investigate Hulbert House as part of a fundraiser associated with our Haunted History Investigations. In addition to strange energy readings, we encountered the spirit of an older woman on the third floor who interacted with those present, as well as a man on the second floor who made noises in response to investigators.

Due to the consistency of evidence obtained from investigations, it will be interesting to see Hulbert House representing Central New York, and what evidence will be obtained.


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