When investigating a location, it’s easy to look for the most notable history of a building, and assume that any paranormal activity in that location is connected to that notable event.

Orchard Hall in Sauquoit is a local building with a notable history connected with it. Prior to any buildings occupying the property, the land itself was deeded by George Washington to a soldier under his command. The current building was built in the early 1840s, and according to local historians, is believed to be a local stop on the Underground Railroad, which helped escaped slaves travel north to the Canadian border, and to freedom. The basement of Orchard Hall is riddled with passageways and nooks that may have been used to hide former slaves.

the legends associated with her are all tragic...

However, the most widely reported haunting in the building has nothing to do with this history. The second floor of the building has nine bedrooms, each decorated in a different color scheme. The ghost in this building goes by the name of ‘Julia’. Her exact history is not known, but the legends associated with her are all tragic.

Julia is connected with the Red Room upstairs, with local folklore saying that she found the color appealing. Some stories say that she died in childbirth, after she was spurned by her lover. Other stories say that she was shot in the middle of the bar. Most of the reports of her appearance stem from the upstairs rooms. She is believed to be a benevolent spirit. The most common report of activity consists of a self-rocking chair. Those who believe that Julia died in childbirth attribute the moving chair as Julia rocking her baby.

[Contributed By NY Shadow Chasers]