The Otesaga Hotel was built in the early 1900s, by Edward and Stephen Clark. They envisioned a luxurious resort on the shore of Lake Otsego, and with the help of architect Percy Griffin, that is what they created.

The Otesaga was luxurious and technologically advanced for its time, with a telephone in every room, and central heating that could be controlled within each individual room. Now these things are standard, but at the time they stood out. Combining these advances with a gorgeous lakeside location, and a world-class golf course, the Otesaga soon became a popular vacation spot for the wealthy.

One of the side effects of having such a luxurious resort is that it appears that the people who came to stay, never wanted to leave. The hotel is currently owned by descendents of the Clark family, and the owners, staff, and visitors all report ghostly phenomena centering around the third and the fifth floors.
Visitors on the fifth floor report hearing children running up and down the halls, even when there are no children staying at the hotel. People have also reported hearing furniture being moved around on the floor above them. Where this gets strange is that the fifth floor is the top floor of the hotel, with only the roof above them.
There have also been reports of seeing apparitions on the third floor, as well as strange noises. In fact, the activity became so noticeable that Ghost Hunters filmed an episode at the Otesaga. When the episode finally aired, Ghost Hunters’ experiences corroborated much of what visitors and staff were reporting.

[Contributed By NY Shadow Chasers]

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