This is not a drill.

For those who have love, love, LOVED Kmart since its heyday in the late 1900's (read: the 1990's), things are about to get really, real come October. Kmart is about to go the way of Blockbuster-- where the literal last Blockbuster in existence is in Oregon.


And this is super sad. For one, Kmart had one of the best music playlists of any store ever. For two, Kmart's  cash back rewards program was one of thee best in retail. Plus, the convenience of layaway and the Blue Light Special. The sheer volume of their toy selection and overall cute prices from everything from garden to housewares. While Walmart and Amazon may have taken Kmart down--they-could-never... in terms of overall character and shopping experience.


But maybe that's just me.

New York 4 has reported, as of August 2023 "Kmart is getting ready to close its last store in the Garden State come October. Once that happens, there will be just two stores left in the U.S."

If you Google Kmart, at least a half dozen stores are listed as open. I did my due diligence of calling said numbers. All except for one number in Puerto Rico has been disconnected. No one answers if you call said number. *sad face*

Which two stores will be left come October, you ask?

One in Miami. And one in Long Island. And since Florida as a collective is utterly weird right now, Miami doesn't count.

So that leaves New York, per usual, is our last hope. The last Kmart standing. We should plan a road trip. I wonder if my old points still work...(alas, I checked. They don't)

If you'd like to pour some out for the Kmarts we've lost, keep scrolling...


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