Christmas is the time when families come together to enjoy one another…. or at least we can hope that’s the scenario.Christmas is a joyous holiday when friends and families unite to sip egg nog and break brittle together (peanut brittle that is!) Smiles, laughter, and jovial spirits join in to celebrate the season and appreciate all the good things in life! Christmas is full of exciting happenings: Big dinners, football, candy, delicious desserts, and oh yeah…presents!

I like presents just as much as the next guy but sometimes the anticipation of opening that gift is spoiled by the dreaded Grinch who steals hope! Usually the Grinch is a younger brother or sister who can’t help but reveal what’s hidden in that big box before you even have a chance to open it. Back in 1988 I asked Santa for a pair of Nike Air Jordan Sneakers. That’s all I wanted that year and I was stoked about showing off my new kicks to all my friends at school.   When Christmas morning came around and the presents were quickly diminishing from under the tree I started to get a little nervous because I was down to my last gift and still no Jordan’s! The last present with my name on it was a huge box with a red ribbon.  Most teenagers would have been really excited to see such a humungous present but I wasn’t. My heart sank.  All I wanted were those trendy basketball sneakers and I knew that they COULDN’T be in such a big box. Here comes the spoiler:  As I reached for the gift and started to unwrap this mammoth gift my little brother shouted out: “Mom wanted to fool you so she put your sneakers in a big box.” He ruined my big moment!  Later that day I stole his Lifesaver Story Book.

Here's a video that typifies this situation!

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