People buy a lot of stuff at Walmart stores. And Walmart does a lot of research--more than any other U.S. retailer--about what items people are buying at Walmart in each state. In New York stores, it's software for connected homes.

In fact, those devices were the most popular Walmart products in New York and Florida, according to the superstore's statistics.

By contrast, in New Mexico it's golf balls, Ramen noodles in West Virginia, and Zyrtec in California.

Some of the trends may be environmental, others may be affected by special sale items, state by state and store by store.

And maybe the New York sales figures are driven by folks in the City and Long Island who need or desire connected homes, due to traffic congestion and long commute times away from their houses.

Whatever the reason, there are a ton of New York residents dimming their lights, adjusting the thermostat, changing TV channels, and monitoring their home security--all with a few keystrokes or swipes on their mobile phones.

Are there a lot of connected homes in Central New York? If so, did you buy the software at a Walmart in New Hartford, North Utica, Herkimer, Rome, Oneida or Syracuse?


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