Good news for all doll lovers in the Empire State: the newest American Girl doll is a local, hailing from upstate New York.

Any parent with a little girl who loves all thing American Girl dolls knows the dolls can either be modern or historical characters and come with an in-depth backstory.

The 2019 Girl of The Year is a modern doll - in every sense of the word. Her name is Blaire Wilson. She lives on a local farm in the Hudson Valley, where her family runs a bed and breakfast. She enjoys gardening and cooking, though she also uses technology and maintains a blog. She also attends the Ulster County Fair. So not only does Blaire hail from New York, she also brings attention to an important upstate New York industry: farming.

As parents also know - American Girl dolls aren't cheap either - Blaire and her book will run you about $115. 


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