Benjamin Franklin just got a makeover.  The new one hundred dollar bill made its debut yesterday.  The new one hundred dollar bill has been in the works for quite a while.  The bill  was supposed to be unveiled in 2011 but was delayed because of problems with creasing and smeared ink.

CNN reports that the bill has several new features which make it easier for the public to verify that it's real while making it tougher to counterfeit.  There's a blue 3D security ribbon on the bill, plus ink that changes colors.  When the bill is tilted, the color changes from copper to green.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Benjamin Franklin remains on the front of the new one hundred dollar bill, but you'll notice the dark oval around him is gone.  That oval has been removed from all our newly designed currency.

Here's an interesting hundred dollar fun fact for you.  Did you know the one hundred dollar bill is the second most common bill in circulation?  The one dollar bill is the most common, followed by the one hundred dollar bill and then the twenty dollar bill.

When was the last time you were carrying around a hundred dollar bill?  It's been a long time for me!