The newest social media challenge is here, and this one may be the most dangerous yet.

The Skull-Breaker Challenge, which has mostly seen popularity on TikTok, has already caused a number of serious injuries in kids across the nation. In the challenge, three people stand in a line and have the person in the middle jump. But while they are in the air, the participants on either side kick their legs, causing them to fall straight onto their backs, and in many cases, their heads.

Are kids today really that mean??

One boy in Arizona was knocked unconscious after his "friends" pranked him with the Skull-Breaker Challenge. His mom, Valerie Hodson, took to Facebook to warn other parents after he suffered a head injury, along with stiches in his face and severe cuts in his mouth.

"The school monitor ran to his side, all the while the 2 boys were snickering and laughing as his stiff unconscious body lay on the asphalt," Hodson posted.

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According to CBS New York, a lot of the victims of the Skull-Breaker Challenge are tricked into participating, thinking they are learning a new dance move. Dr. Jodi Gold, a child psychiatrist with the Gold Center for Mind Health and Wellness, told CBS New York that the repercussions of the challenge are serious and she urges parents to talk about the consequences.

"It's really important that parents and teachers are explaining to kids that this is actually an assault, that it's a form of cyberbullying and that it absolutely has to stop," Gold told CBS New York. "You're now recording yourself assaulting someone and now you've put it out publicly, so absolutely this is going to follow you."

So parents, teachers, older siblings: please talk to the kids in your life. Make sure they know about the dangers of this challenge so they won't fall victim to it.

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